Chapter 2. Your First Service Worker

Setting Up Our Sample Project

This book takes a hands-on approach to learning about progressive web apps.

Starting with this chapter, we will take a simple web app for the fictional Gotham Imperial Hotel and improve on it chapter by chapter. Each chapter builds and improves upon the work done in the previous one, and at the end of each chapter you will have a working web app that is ready to ship.

By the end of the book, you will have taken this simple website and turned it into a fully featured progressive web app.

In order to follow along with the code samples, and play around with them, you can clone the source code of the app onto your local machine. You can find the code in the Gotham Imperial Hotel GitHub repository.

Note that you will need to be able to run Git, Node.js, and NPM on your local machine in order to clone the code and run it locally. If you are unable to run any of these, it should be possible to do everything in the book without them (downloading the source code directly from GitHub, and running it on a remote server), but I do not recommend it.

To get started, open your computer’s command prompt (the console), change to the directory you would like to download the code to, then run the following commands:

git clone -b ch02-start
cd gotham_imperial_hotel
npm install

These commands will clone the source code for the Gotham Imperial Hotel web app, change to the branch named ...

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