Writing to DynamoDB using Python

The following code writes three records to DynamoDB. Create another file called dynamo_modify_items.py with the following Python code:

from boto3 import resource

class DynamoRepository:
    def __init__(self, target_dynamo_table, region='eu-west-1'):
        self.dynamodb = resource(service_name='dynamodb',                         region_name=region)
        self.target_dynamo_table = target_dynamo_table
        self.table = self.dynamodb.Table(self.target_dynamo_table)

    def update_dynamo_event_counter(self, event_name,                 event_datetime, event_count=1):
        return self.table.update_item(
                'EventId': event_name,
                'EventDay': event_datetime
            ExpressionAttributeValues={":eventCount": event_count},
            UpdateExpression="ADD EventCount :eventCount")

def main(): table_name ...

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