Simple to-do example

With the basics of Redis covered, we shall now move on to create a simple to-do Slack bot. The aim of this bot is to allow users to create a to-do list, allowing them to add, complete, and delete a task from this list as they go about their day.

This time, we will start with a skeleton of what we want and build each feature step by step. Start by adding this new command to your bot:

bot.respondTo('todo', (message, channel, user) => { let args = getArgs(message.text); switch(args[0]) { case 'add': break; case 'complete': break; case 'delete': break; case 'help': channel.send('Create tasks with \`todo add [TASK]\`, complete them with \`todo complete [TASK_NUMBER]\` and remove them with \`todo delete [TASK_NUMBER]\` or \`todo delete ...

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