Creating the Filter LiveComponent

As with our sorting functionality, we’ll encapsulate the filter logic into its own LiveComponent called FilterComponent. It will contain a simple form for receiving the user input and use another schemaless changeset for parsing said input. Create a file at lib/meow_web/live/filter_component.ex and key in the following code:

​ ​defmodule​ MeowWeb.MeerkatLive.FilterComponent ​do​
​  ​use​ MeowWeb, ​:live_component​
​  alias MeowWeb.Forms.FilterForm
​  ​def​ render(assigns) ​do​
​  ​~​H​"""​
​ ​ <div>​
​ ​ <.form let={f} for={@changeset} as="filter"​
​ ​ phx-submit="search" phx-target={@myself} >​
​ ​ <div>​
​ ​ <div>​
​ ​ ...

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