Chapter 1The Need for Change

John Donovan and Krish Prabhu

Chapter 2Transforming a Modern Telecom Network—From All-IP to Network Cloud

Rich Bennett and Steven Nurenberg

Chapter 3Network Functions Virtualization

John Medamana and Tom Siracusa

Chapter 4Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure

Greg Stiegler and John DeCastra

Chapter 5Architecting the Network Cloud for High Availability

Kathleen Meier-Hellstern, Kenichi Futamura, Carolyn Johnson, and Paul Reeser

Chapter 6Software-Defined Networking

Brian Freeman and Han Nguyen

Chapter 7The Network Operating System: VNF Automation Platform

Chris Rice and Andre Fuetsch

Chapter 8Network Data and Optimization

Mazin Gilbert and Mark Austin

Chapter 9

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