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Building Web APIs with ASP.NET 4.5

Video Description

This course shows entry to mid-level Visual Studio developers how to create customized REST Web APIs using the ASP.NET framework and then how to deploy those APIs to Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform. It begins with a description of the REST protocol and an overview of ASP.NET controllers and models, followed by a discussion of the Microsoft OWIN pipeline specification and how to write custom middleware to utilize that specification.

It then moves into a detailed overview of Azure and how to host API systems in the cloud before finishing with an explanation of how to build C# and JavaScript client programs that can communicate with APIs from remote systems.

  • Learn to build and customize Web APIs using the Microsoft ASP.NET framework
  • Master the ability to deploy ASP.NET Web APIs to Microsoft's Azure cloud
  • Understand Microsoft's OWIN pipeline: Middleware, authentication, authorization, and security
  • Explore four different methods for publishing Web API projects to the cloud
  • Learn to build C# and JavaScript client programs that can talk to APIs from remote systems
John Adams works as a Senior Cloud Solutions Architect for Opsgility, a Microsoft cloud services and training company. An MCP with specialist certifications in .NET Framework 4, web applications, and in architecting and developing Microsoft Azure solutions, John has been developing ASP.NET and Azure solutions for almost a decade. He is the author of multiple O'Reilly titles, including Azure for Developers and Learning Kendo UI Web Development. Ryan Butler has been developing on the Microsoft stack since 2002 and is currently a consultant for Quisitive in Irving, Texas.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Introduction And Course Overview 00:01:50
    2. About The Authors 00:00:44
    3. How To Access The Working Files 00:01:15
    4. Necessary Tools And Source Code 00:03:05
    5. Code Conventions For ASP.Net Web API 00:05:06
    6. Introduction To OWIN Pipeline 00:05:25
    7. How To Use Areas To Divide Your Application Namespaces 00:06:11
  2. Controllers And Models
    1. Anatomy Of An Action Method Part 1 00:04:31
    2. Anatomy Of An Action Method Part 2 00:04:40
    3. Understand And Use The HttpRequest, Request, And Response 00:06:51
    4. How To Map Input 00:04:20
    5. Customizing The Model Binding Process With Attributes 00:03:22
    6. How To Bind A File Upload To An ASP.Net API Action Method 00:02:50
    7. Completely Customizing The Model Binding Process 00:12:20
    8. How To Generate Action Results And Use HTTP Response Codes 00:05:02
    9. File Results And Content Negotiation 00:04:27
    10. How To Use Entity Framework To Persist Your Models 00:03:47
    11. Standard Action Filters 00:07:09
    12. Create A Custom Action Filter Part 1 00:03:45
    13. Create A Custom Action Filter Part 2 00:04:29
    14. Use Authorization Attributes To Secure Your Routes Part 1 00:03:23
    15. Use Authorization Attributes To Secure Your Routes Part 2 00:02:24
    16. Create Your Own Authorization Attribute 00:04:08
    17. Create An OData Endpoint To Enable Custom Search 00:06:20
    18. How To Write Unit Tests For API Controllers 00:05:13
    19. Exception Management And Error Codes 00:04:44
  3. OWIN Pipeline
    1. Introduction To OWIN Middleware 00:04:23
    2. Create Your Own OWIN Middleware Component 00:06:38
    3. Tour Of The Standard App_Start Middleware 00:05:21
    4. Basics Of Open ID For Authentication 00:02:49
    5. Introduction To ASP.Net Identity 00:04:07
    6. Tour Of The Available Authorization Middleware 00:05:53
  4. Microsoft Azure
    1. Introduction To The Various Hosting Options In Azure 00:03:34
    2. How To Host Your API As An Azure Web App 00:04:01
    3. How To Host Your API As A Cloud Service Web Role 00:05:20
    4. How To Host Your API In Azure Service Fabric 00:08:39
    5. How To Host Your API As An Azure API App 00:05:52
    6. How To Convert A Standard Web API Project Into An Azure API App 00:07:15
  5. Consuming A Web API
    1. Create An API Client With C# 00:04:04
    2. Create An API Client With JavaScript 00:05:00
  6. Conclusion
    1. Thank You And Wrap Up 00:02:08