Chapter 2. WordPress Basics

WordPress was first developed in 2003 and was created primarily as blogging software. By the release of version 3.5, the image of Wordpress had changed from blogging software to a versatile CMS (content management system) and the word “blog” was actually removed from the description of the software and in most places in the source code. Today, it has evolved to become the largest platform on the web and is used on about 20% of all the websites on the Internet.

There are a couple of reasons WordPress has gained so much popularity over the years. The first is that WordPress is open source software and has an entire community of people who are invested in improving it and continually contributing new code to extend its functionality. WordPress users, developers, and designers are always thinking of new creative ways to use WordPress and creating plugins for these new features, which are then made available to the community.

Another reason WordPress has been so successful is the fact that it is an extremely flexible CMS and can be used to power all different types of websites. Developers are constantly exploring innovative new ways to use the software, including using it to build web applications, which is the focus of this book.


We are going to assume that you already know how to use WordPress, and have already installed the latest version somewhere. If this is your first time using WordPress, you should check out the book WordPress for Dummies. Not saying ...

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