Chapter 4. Slideshow Pro

In This Chapter

  • Introducing Slideshow Pro

  • Creating a slide show

  • Adding effects and links

  • Editing a slide show

The first chapter of this minibook covers using Flash to add interactivity to your Web pages. Some people love Flash. Others would rather have a tooth pulled than learn how to use a new application. If you fall in the latter group and still want to add cool interactivity to your Web pages, you can easily do so from within Dreamweaver by using an extension known as Slideshow Pro. Slideshow Pro enables you to easily add Flash slide shows to your designs — slide shows with special effects such as motion and frame overlays. In this chapter, we show you some of the cool things you can do with Slideshow Pro.

About Slideshow Pro

Active Slideshow Pro is a Macromedia Dreamweaver extension created by the folks at DMXzone. The extension makes it possible for you to add compelling multimedia slide shows to your Web pages. Adding a slide show is as simple as invoking a menu command, navigating to a folder of images you want to include in the slide show, and then choosing the options you want in your slide show. The options you can include are lengthy. You can choose an overlay for your slide show, which, incidentally, is a Flash SWF file. You can add motion to your slide shows, cool transitions, dazzling text effects, and more.

If you want a truly custom slide show, you can add your slides one at a time, add a text overlay, control motion for the slide and text independently, ...

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