Chapter 4: Organizing a Site in Dreamweaver CS6

In This Chapter

check.png Discovering why Dreamweaver sites are important

check.png Organizing site content

check.png Creating a remote server connection

check.png Managing site files

check.png Uploading (and downloading) content

check.png Editing and moving Dreamweaver sites

Web pages appear to the visitor as a single object. But appearances, in this case, are quite deceptive. In reality, behind the scenes, almost every web page is a complex network of many linked files. Orchestrating, coordinating, and ensuring the integrity of links between those files is essential to a functional website. Managing that challenge is the task of the Dreamweaver site.

Take a typical web page. It’s likely to be built within an HTML file, but within that HTML are likely embedded images (separate image files). Modern, professional websites rely on external CSS (style sheet) files, so the design and layout of the ...

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