Chapter 4: Creating HTML5 with Dreamweaver CS6

In This Chapter

check.png The role of Dreamweaver in page design

check.png Touring the Dreamweaver interface

check.png Creating pages and dependent files in Dreamweaver

check.png Testing your pages and validating the code

Dreamweaver generates HTML code as you interact with a graphical and menu-based interface. That’s the main reason why designers like Dreamweaver so much — you can design pages and leave the HTML coding to Dreamweaver.

So, Dreamweaver is a page-design program. But that’s not all! It’s also a file management system and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program for synchronizing files between your local computer and a remote, Internet-accessible site. Dreamweaver also generates CSS (covered in depth in Book IV), JavaScript (Book VI), and even some PHP (Book VII).

In short, there’s a lot to Dreamweaver. In this chapter, in the context of this minibook exploring HTML (including what’s new in HTML5), we look at how Dreamweaver creates HTML pages and generates formatting tags (like paragraphs and headings), lists, boldface, italics, indenting, and links. Before we do ...

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