Chapter 1: Web Media 101

In This Chapter:

check.png Understanding graphics for the web

check.png Finding inspiration

check.png Dealing with copyrights

check.png Using web-friendly media

check.png Including readable fonts

check.png Adding clip art

Back in the Jurassic era of the web, it was indeed a dark and dreary place. Websites were text only, and the web was accessed through a dial-up modem. In short, the World Wide Web was a wonderful place for geeks with pocket protectors and eyeglasses patched together with duct tape, but not a very friendly place for the average person. Then, with the advent of faster computers, lightning-fast Internet connections, and monitors that rival television monitors, the Internet blossomed with colorful graphics, audio, and video. Photographers, artists, and musicians were able to strut their stuff on the net. Graphics online became the norm.

Pretty graphics aren’t the only thing you can put on your web page, ...

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