Chapter 2: Introducing Fireworks and Photoshop

In This Chapter

check.png Using a color palette

check.png Understanding vector and raster graphics

check.png Create graphics for the web

check.png Introducing Fireworks CS6

check.png Introducing Photoshop CS6

check.png Optimizing for the web

The mission that you accepted was to design a website. You’ve done your research and arrived at an optimum design for the project. Now it’s time to create it. When you create the site, you work with text and images. The images may be photographs; or they may be graphics, such as logos. If you receive graphics from outside sources, chances are that they’ll need some work. That is, the objects will have to be resized to fit your design and then optimized for the web. This step is important because if you don’t optimize images for the web, they take longer to load.

And in addition to working with images, you may also be required to create web objects, such as ...

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