Chapter 1: Collecting Information with Forms

In This Chapter

check.png The value of data

check.png Interactivity with forms

check.png Designing a form

check.png Collecting form data the easy way

check.png Making forms attractive and inviting

Forms are how visitors tell you things: their name, their e-mail address, what they want to buy, who they think belongs on the Top 5 “worst covers of The Beatles songs list,” or which of your songs they want to purchase and download.

In this chapter, we walk through how to design a form and a simple (but useful) technique for having that visitor data sent to you. And you see how to make forms inviting and attractive. After all, form data is valuable. So, anything you can do to encourage a visitor to sign up, make a purchase, provide feedback, or donate to your cause is important.

Forms as the Basic Tool for Visitor Interaction

How essential are forms? Imagine Bing (Microsoft’s search engine) without a search box. Or Yelp (a popular site for posting reviews) without a form to upload comments. ...

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