Chapter 2: DIY PHP Solutions

In This Chapter

check.png Managing form data with PHP scripts

check.png Working with server-supplied data

check.png Embedding server-side includes with PHP

check.png Case study: Building a site with PHP includes

In this chapter, you enter into the realm of live data — namely, content collected from visitors of a web page and sent to a server, or web page content served into a page from a server.

Live data web pages allow you to gather data in forms and send that data to a server without requiring a user to launch an e-mail program. That simple solution will work, and we show you how in Chapter 1 of this minibook, but there are more elegant ways to collect data.

And, live data allows you to embed content from a server within pages. Newspaper articles, header content, navigation bars, and any other kind of page content can be stored in one file on a server, fed into any number of web pages, and updated globally.

warning_bomb.eps If you’re creating PHP content in Dreamweaver, there are quirks you should know about ...

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