Chapter 3: Gathering and Embedding Live Data

In This Chapter

check.png Making mail lists and blogs fit in your site

check.png Managing a mail list with MailChimp

check.png Embedding external blogs with iFrame

check.png Set up a search box with Google Search

check.png Embedding maps, weather, and RSS feeds

The explosion of social media, video-sharing sites, online photo distribution, blogs, and other online resources that facilitate sharing information has defined the contours of the web. But how do these tools fit into the process of building your website — a site that you build and that is defined by your content and style?

In this chapter, we solve that challenge by walking you through how to collect names and run a powerful e-mail operation sending out announcements and newsletters, how to embed a blog in your own website, and how to embed a search box in your site. We also show you how to embed a map, a weather sticker, and RSS feeds.

But there are also some tips, quirks, and techniques that you should know about how Dreamweaver ...

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