Chapter 3: Adding E-Commerce to Your Site

In This Chapter

check.png Choosing a server

check.png Comparing secure and shared servers

check.png Using PayPal to accept payments

check.png Using PayPal Pro

check.png Creating a user-friendly e-commerce site

check.png Adding a shopping cart

check.png Working with customers

Selling merchandise and services online has become commonplace. People can do comparison shopping in the comfort of their own homes and order almost any (legal) nonperishable item from online stores. And in many cases, the prices are less than purchasing items from a brick-and-mortar store.

So how can you cash in on this online bonanza with your website? Set up an e-commerce site. You can use a secure server and integrate the site with an online payment package, but that can be rather costly to set up. Another option is to set up the site ...

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