Chapter 2: Uploading the Site

In This Chapter

check.png Using Dreamweaver to upload

check.png Uploading with an FTP client

check.png Submitting the site to search engines

check.png Using Google Webmaster tools

After you perform your final tweaks on your design, get feedback from beta testers, and optimize the site for search engines (see the preceding chapter), you’re ready to upload your design to the server and go live at five — or whatever time you decide to go live. You can upload the site using Dreamweaver, or with a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client like FileZilla.

After you upload it, you wait for the world to beat a path to your home page. Not. They won’t come because the site isn’t on anybody’s radar screen yet. You solve this problem by submitting the site to popular search engines. If you optimized the site correctly, the site will start getting some traffic.

We show you how to do all these things in this chapter, and the fact that you’re here means that you’re ready to upload. Read on if you’re ready to beam your site into cyberspace — to infinity and beyond.

Going Live

After tweaking the site based on your ...

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