Chapter 3: Maintaining and Marketing the Site

In This Chapter

check.png Archiving the site

check.png Maintaining the site

check.png Marketing the site

check.png Using pay per click advertising

If web design is how you put bread on your table, after you create a site for your company or a client, you may think you’re done and can start the next design or another project. But there’s more to do before you can add this website to your list of jobs well done. First and foremost, you need to back up the site. This gives you a working copy of the site should there ever be a problem on the web-hosting server. It’s also convenient to have a complete backup should you get a request to redesign the site. Keeping the site up to date is also important. We show you how to achieve that task with Dreamweaver. And then there’s the matter of marketing the site. We show you how to achieve these tasks in this chapter.

Backing Up the Site

Stuff happens. Server equipment can break down, clever hackers can get past the best security and hack your site, or your server could suffer a natural catastrophe like a hurricane or flood. Hopefully, we’ve ...

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