Interviews with Developers

Over the years, Futures Truth Company has interviewed some of the best minds in the system developing and trading industry. We thought it would be appropriate to conclude with their interviews. We believe you will find wisdom and some good ideas to incorporate into your own trading ideas and systems.

Welles Wilder

Age: 63
Education: B.S., Mechanical Engineering
Current Position: Director of the Delta Society
Favorite Book: The Bible
Published in late 1998

As the first, we thought it appropriate to choose someone whose ideas originated before computers were widely used by individual traders but who had a lasting affect on both technical analysis and, later, computerized trading.

His tools were easily used in paper spreadsheets and modern computerized trading programs, during the past two decades since something called the programmable calculator gained acceptance. Much of this person's studies culminated in the writing of his technical analysis book, New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems, published in 1978, in which he described a tool he created called The Relative Strength Index.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) became one of the most widely used trading tools. The renowned technician we are describing, Welles Wilder, spoke to Steve Toney recently from his home in New Zealand.


How did you get into the futures business?

After a ...

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