Links to Community Wireless Sites

The community wireless phenomenon is happening all over the globe. There is a good list of projects up at A few of the major networks (and our humble Sebastopol co-op) are listed below. If there isn’t a community group in your area, start one yourself! I was certainly surprised at the broad range of people interested in setting up communications. Get the word out, start a mailing list, and get connected to your community. The resources that a community can pull together for a common project are astounding. You simply have to do it!

Seattle Wireless (Seattle, WA)

Bay Area Wireless Users Group (San Francisco Bay, CA)

Personal Telco Project (Portland, OR)

NYC Wireless (New York, NY)

GBPPR (Green Bay, WI)

Guerrilla.Net (Cambridge, MA)

NoCat (Sebastopol, CA)

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