Appendix A. Resource Guide

You’ve savored the glamour and glitz of wireless networking; now here’s some extra substance to ensure that you’re fully satisfied with your high-tech meal. Since you have already launched yourself into the wireless mesh, to keep the book useful we’ve included links to online resources for learning more about Arduino, Processing, Python, and of course, ZigBee. There’s a list of recommended books that can help you flesh out your technical library. And because every project sees its share of errors and glitches, you will find a handy troubleshooting guide to get you unstuck from common mistakes. There are tables to use as a fast daily reference of Digi radio flavors, other brands of ZigBee modules, network analyzers, packet sniffers, and XBee connectors and shields. There are also cross-referenced tables for hexadecimals, binary numbers, and ASCII codes to help keep your bytes organized, and finally, a complete guide to AT commands for the ZB radio modules.

Remember that URLs and offerings will change as time goes by, so check the book’s website (listed in the Preface) for updated references to new resources.

Arduino Resources

Here are some Arduino resources you’ll find useful:

Arduino Blog (

This is the official blog, featuring Arduino news, announcements, cool projects, and more.

Arduino Forum (

This is the official Arduino forum site, which contains subforums on many Arduino topics such as troubleshooting, ...

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