BUILT FOR GROWTH Expanding Your Business Around the Corner or Across the Globe

Book description

If there's one thing that's consistent in today's business world, it's rapid change. So how do you not only stay steady but actually grow'and quickly enough to stay safely ahead of your competitors? Built for Growth delivers specific solutions to create a brand and presence that generates true customer passion, as you lay a solid foundation for long-term success. Author Arthur Rubinfeld was a major driver in Starbucks' unprecedented retail expansion from 100 stores to more than 4000-- and its transformation into one of the world's most recognized brands. Here he draws on his singular expertise to present a proven, holistic approach to conceiving, designing, and executing your business plan: creating exciting concepts, growing them to fruition in local markets, expanding rapidly, and keeping your brand fresh and relevant as it matures. His revolutionary approach to business strategy embodies strong personal values, promotes exceptional creativity, leverages scientific methodology in finance and market analysis, and brings it all together with 'old-time' customer service.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. About the Authors
  3. Foreword
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Introduction: The Hardest Easy Business
    1. Delving for New Ideas
    2. Building Big Principles on Simple Ideas
      2. PART II, “GO LONG”
      3. PART III, “OWN MAIN & MAIN”
    3. Ideating, Creating, and Executing
  6. 1. Make No Little Plans
    1. 1. It's About Your Values
      1. Defining Principles Mean Defining Brand
      2. Translating Core Values into Mission into Action
      3. Putting the Mantra into Action
      4. Standing for Something and Delivering
    2. 2. Opportunities, Ideation, and Concepts
      1. Authenticity and High Touch
      2. It's the Experience, Not the Transaction
      3. Being On Trend
      4. Successfully Riding Trends
      5. Blue C Sushi: Pulling the Ideas Together to Validate the Concept
    3. 3. The Importance of the First Store
      1. Locationing: Selecting the Perfect Real Estate to Present Your Brand
      2. Locationing: Conventional Versus Timeless
      3. Banking on Classic Designs
      4. Making the Most of Physical Presence
      5. Discovering the Sense of Place
    4. 4. Maximizing the Retail Experience Through Design
      1. Designing for One or Many: The First Decision
      2. Using Design to Reinvent Brand
      3. Creating Brand Touchstones
      4. Developing a Unique Value in Design
    5. 5. Seamlessly Connecting Design to Brand While Staying on Budget
      1. Knowing Your Target Market
      2. Reviewing Models and Prototypes
      3. Keeping Design on Budget
      4. Considering Materials in Terms of Customers
      5. Managing Store Construction
      6. Understanding Cost Versus Brand
    6. 6. Merchandising: Maximizing Your Profits
      1. Engaging the Senses, Inducing Emotions
      2. Providing Chairs, Mirrors, and Other Comforts
      3. Executing on the Science of Merchandising
      4. Placing Merchandise in the Store
      5. Finding the Right 20 Percent of Goods
      6. Perfecting the Art and Science of Merchandising
    7. 7. Customizing Customer Service
      1. Serving Customers with a Smile—Remember That?
  7. TWO. Go Long
    1. 8. Blueprint for Execution
      1. Creating Systems to Deliver the Brand
      2. Supporting All Aspects of Business
      3. Using Internal Strengths to Create External Results
    2. 9. Taking Your Organization Long
      1. Searching for Heart, Not Pedigree
      2. Telling the Company's Story
      3. Investing Wisely in Investors
      4. Avoiding Mismatches in Mindset, Goals
    3. 10. Kicking the Economic Model Into Gear
      1. Winning with Net Income
      2. Putting Expenses to the Test
    4. 11. Wellsprings to Expansion
      1. Expanding the Good Old Retail Way
      2. Preparing to Expand: Count the Ways
        1. Franchising
        2. Licensing
      3. Preparing to Expand: Company-Owned Stores
      4. Expanding by Other Means
        1. Area-Owned Management
        2. Acquisition
        3. Joint Ventures
        4. Wholesale/Retail Expansion
      5. Tuning up the Engine of Success
  8. THREE. Own Main & Main
    1. 12. How to Grow Rapidly without Stumbling
      1. Proceeding in Rapid but Orderly Fashion
      2. Evaluating the Competition
      3. Assessing Other Factors
      4. Developing a Method to Expansion Madness
    2. 13. Hot Spots, Oil Stains, and the Perfect Location
      1. Determining Traffic and Traffic Flow
      2. Seeking Proxies and Other Nuggets
      3. Eyeballing Oil Stains: A Street-Level Look at Locations
      4. Approaching Your Location Like a First Date
      5. Knowing Who You're Next To
      6. Using Analogue Stores to Confirm New Store Financials
      7. Investing in Knowledge to Drive Growth
    3. 14. A Walk Through the Locationing Process
      1. Picking a Particular Site
      2. Mapping Concept to Destination
      3. Practicing the Art of Real Estate Expansion
    4. 15. Real Estate: Who Needs Who More, When
      1. Leasing Versus Buying
      2. Finding the Right Broker
      3. Contending with Commissions
      4. Proceeding Toward a Lease
      5. Negotiating the Details
      6. Considering Other Leasehold Provisions
      7. Scheduling a Site Survey
      8. Leasing the Right “Coming Out” Location
  9. FOUR. Push the Envelope
    1. 16. Innovation as the Path to Growth
      1. Missing the Shift to Softness
      2. McDonald's Addressing Some Issues
      3. Ideating Ways to Innovate
        1. License
        2. Timing
        3. Demographics
      4. Maintaining the Premium Position
      5. Thinking About Customers in Fresh Ways
      6. Finding a “Social” Concept, Here and Elsewhere
      7. Surviving Through Invention
    2. 17. Defining Your Mission in the New Age of Retail
      1. Evolving to Meet Hard Times
      2. Maintaining Values, Updating Concept
      3. Redefining the Customer Experience
      4. Using History to Establish the Future
      5. Improving Community Life
      6. Beginning and Ending With Core Values

Product information

  • Title: BUILT FOR GROWTH Expanding Your Business Around the Corner or Across the Globe
  • Author(s): Arthur Rubinfeld, Collins Hemingway
  • Release date: March 2005
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0131465740