Chapter 2

Designing Your Business Around Social

It is arguably more important to understand the influences of social media than to necessarily be using it.

Consider how and why customers choose your company over others. It is likely the result of their consideration of countless logical and emotional factors that are influenced by those closest to them. People rarely make important buying decisions without at least considering the opinions of their family, friends, or respected business associates. They know that the approval or acknowledgment of others provides valuable context for making decisions that are less likely to lead to the all too common post-purchase phenomenon known as buyer’s remorse.

Social influence colors the hard facts, thereby shaping them to sometimes significantly affect the outcome of the decision-making process. This is why experienced sales professionals will always try to work with buyers in an environment that gives buyers the freedom to share their influences, thereby helping the business to offer solutions that strike a balance among those needs, wants, and desires.


Anyone who has purchased a computer online or over the telephone has probably experienced a similar sense of frustration. You are able to order one that meets your exact specifications, if only you had more technological know-how or a trusted advisor to guide you through the process. Additionally, you are making an important and significant investment without the ability ...

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