What real Business Leaders, Owners and Entrepreneurs are saying about Built to Grow . . .

‘Now more than ever business leaders need a model that works, is simple and covers all bases. From earnings growth, to people and talent strategies, to deeper customer relationships, in this book finally we've got one.’

Paul Thandi, CEO, NEC Group

‘This book is straightforward, factual and to the point. Any leader responsible for business growth should read it! A blueprint full of practical ideas and tools to inspire you into action.’

Craig Donaldson, Chief Executive Officer, Metro Bank (ranked number one in Glassdoor's highest rated CEO 2016)

‘A must-read for the modern business leader. At last, practical real-world strategy you can understand and act on to get instant but sustainable results. Royston delivers a clear and much-needed blueprint for scalable business growth. No matter how good you think you are, you should read this book to stay at the top of your game.’

Sháá Wasmund MBE, Author of Stop Talking, Start Doing and Do Less, Get More

‘Royston is an inspiring and practiced business leader. His book transcends other management books, by walking us through a practical, simple, yet dynamic framework that really works in unlocking the potential to grow your business. The framework provides clarity on what vision, strategies and measures really matter in achieving growth goals and Royston’s commentary helps agile and progressive thinking. At a time of digital revolution this has never ...

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