&& (and) operator

$id variable

* (asterisks) in JavaScript

// (slashes) in JavaScript

[] (brackets) in arrays

_ (underlines) in JavaScript

{} (curly braces)

in object literal

in while loops

|| (as or operator)

+ (plus sign) operators

< (less than) symbol operators

<= compound operator

== (equal signs) operators

as comparison operators

as identity operators (===)

uses of in JavaScript

!== (not identical to operator)

> (greater than) symbol operators

>= compound operator

\ (backslash) in JavaScript

. (dot notation), in methods and properties

! (exclamation marks)

in if statements

as not operators

" (quotation marks) in strings

; (semicolons)

in functions

in for loops

in statements

, (commas)

arrays and

comma-separated lists

to separate ...

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