Chapter 4

Talking about Tools of the Trade

In This Chapter

arrow Exploring how different kinds of tools support the way you work

arrow Discovering how to select a tool so that you get what you need

arrow Leading your team through tool implementation

Business analysis professionals (BAs) have specialized tools to help them accomplish the work at hand and perform their business analysis work more quickly and effectively. You can improve your productivity in two primary ways — facilitating efficiency and enhancing effectiveness — and commonly used business analysis tools always serve one or both of those objectives. BAs typically use general or specialized tools that fit into five different categories: communication, collaboration, definition, innovation and idea capture, and requirements management. The first two are general tools and support productivity across all business analysis activities, while the last three are specialized and focus more deeply on enabling particular activities and achieving specific analysis goals. In this chapter, we overview the different types of tools out there and help you think about their benefits so you can identify the ones for your business analysis needs.

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