Chapter 14

Verifying and Validating Solutions

In This Chapter

arrow Grasping the difference between verification and validation

arrow Recognizing the components of verification and validation testing

arrow Compiling test documents

arrow Doing requirements reviews

When you bring your car into the repair shop to have a mysterious rattle in the steering wheel taken care of, one of the first things you probably do when you pick it up is to check to make sure the rattle is no longer there. If you still feel the rockin’ and rollin’, you know that it wasn’t fixed correctly, and you turn it back over to the mechanic so she can try again. As a business analysis professional, you do the same thing with your projects: You validate that your implemented solution actually solves the original business problem(s) you identified as requirements in the beginning of your project, and you verify that it features a functionally sound design that performs as it should.

In this chapter, we clarify how verification and validation differ and explain the ins and outs of each activity. We also show you how to create test cases ...

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