Chapter 2

Breaking Down Different Levels of Business Analysis


Bullet Identifying the different levels of analysis work

Bullet Comparing and contrasting analysis efforts at each level

Bullet Identifying the key people and critical challenges at each level of analysis

Essentially, you perform business analysis at four main levels within a company: the enterprise level, the organizational level, the operational level, and the project level. When taking on most projects as a business analyst (BA), you perform analysis on one level only, although analysis at any level always needs to support the company’s overall goals, mission, and objectives. Most often, multiple projects come together to meet multiple operational goals, which then meet multiple organizational area goals, which in turn meet the big picture strategy of an enterprise.

All parts of a company — including your and others’ analysis projects — need to work together to optimize efforts and maximize success. This criteria means that even if you set out to analyze on just one level, you may end up analyzing on any and all levels during your project. As we mention throughout this book, being a BA requires a lot of flexibility ...

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