Chapter 16

Ten Ways to Keep Your Business Analysis Skills Sharp


Bullet Finding ways to interact

Bullet Attending extracurricular activities

Bullet Using business analysis techniques outside of the office

No book on business analysis would be complete without a discussion of ways to keep yourself at the top of your game. The ideas in this chapter are a good starting point, but every person is unique, so your “keeping sharp” list may not be the same as your coworker’s. Combine the information in this chapter with your own abilities and situation, and you can come up with a grand strategy for keeping yourself sharp as a business analyst (BA).

Participate in Social Media

Sure, you may consider social media to be the realm of younger generations, but when you think about how many millions of people see those funny cat videos and influencer posts, you can see why social media outlets are actually good places to interface with other BAs. If you have a question about how to work with a difficult stakeholder in a project planning meeting, pose the question on social media.

Groups on LinkedIn that deal with business analysis are great for posing questions (and reading what has been written ...

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