© Dr. Umesh R. Hodeghatta and Umesha Nayak 2017

Umesh R. Hodeghatta and Umesh Nayak, Business Analytics Using R - A Practical Approach, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2514-1_6

6. Supervised Machine Learning—Classification

Umesh R. Hodeghatta and Umesh Nayak1

(1)Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Classification and prediction are two important methods of data analysis used to find patterns in data. Classification predicts the categorical class (or discrete values), whereas regression and other models predict continuous valued functions. However, Logistic Regression addresses categorical class also. For example, a classification model may be built to predict the results of a credit-card application approval process (credit card approved or denied) or to determine the ...

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