Photograph depicts scientific measuring instruments.imgThe Lay of the Land

Before we jump into the rest of the book, we thought it might help to provide a brief lay of the land—particularly for those of you who like context or are impatient to know what's ahead (we bet we know who you are). Broadly speaking, we've organized the chapters into three sections: Business Chemistry Core, Business Chemistry Electives, and Business Chemistry Applications. Consider the order in which we present the chapters to be a suggestion. You might prefer to read them in a different order, or (gasp) you might even skip a chapter or two. That's perfectly fine. Not everyone is interested in the same things!

Business Chemistry Core

This first section of the book is dedicated to helping you build a solid understanding of Business Chemistry.

Chapters 3 through 6 each feature one of the Business Chemistry types and should provide you with enough information to identify your own type with confidence. We'll tell you about the key traits and characteristics of the type and outline people's complaints about them. Think no one could possibly criticize your type? Think again! Each of these chapters ends with the good stuff: describing the particular value that type brings to a team. This is one reason you should read all of these chapters, even if you start with the ...

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