Photograph depicts a child.imgNature or Nurture? (and Other Timeless Questions)

Phew, we've covered a lot since you first cracked open this book, so perhaps we should take a quick breather and review what we've learned before we add anything else to it.

There are four primary Business Chemistry types, as well as four subtypes, and each of them has defining and differentiating traits and preferences, which other types might alternately criticize and praise. You can get a sense of someone's Business Chemistry type by considering the traits unique to each type as well as those shared between types. When doing so it's important to consider context and to be aware that you're simplifying.

One important dimension along which the Business Chemistry types can be divided is introversion and extroversion, and yet not all Introverts are alike, nor are all Extroverts. There are key differences between the types that have to do with responses to stress, perceptions of psychological safety and locus of control, career aspirations and priorities, and the conditions under which each type thrives. Sometimes these differences show a strong introversion/extroversion divide, and sometimes they don't.

We hope you'll agree that together we've learned a lot of interesting stuff. But as with most interesting stuff, answering some questions ...

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