Chapter 10

Managing the Inner World of Thoughts and Emotions

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the complexity of human thought

arrow Changing your mind and keeping the change

arrow Knowing when not to coach above your ability

The common denominator between all leaders is that they have followers, people are inspired by them and they lead by example. The new thinking around leadership is to encourage individuals to work autonomously as empowered leaders – to be self-starters and self-managers. Among the many qualities that define empowered leaders that we explore in this chapter are their abilities to

  • Remain calm in challenging situations
  • Get over setbacks quickly
  • Be creative and see solutions where others see problems

The abilities to remain calm, creative, and able to see solutions help leaders make well-thought-out decisions. These abilities may come naturally to some, but these qualities and skills can also be coached and taught to others. With practice, they become natural and habitual.

Coaching clients to become more self-aware about how they think and the impact this has on their emotions and behaviours empowers them to manage their inner world and be the leaders that businesses need. In ...

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