Chapter 17

Ten Ways to Overcome Objections and Change Opinions

In This Chapter

arrow Agreeing to disagree and still be friends

arrow Getting your points across

arrow Changing other people’s opinions

Business coaching and mentoring is proven to be effective. It works when people follow instructions in a cooperative manner and fully engage in the coaching process. Engaging with clients so they’re compliant is the first step towards improving your success as a coach and increasing the chances of successful outcomes for those you coach. Knowing how to get compliance and deal with client objections, disagreements or resistant opinions whenever they arise transforms your results.

In this chapter, we summarize ten simple conversational ways to encourage clients to reevaluate their opinions and to assist you to win agreements.

remember This subject is not about proving that your view of the world is right and theirs is wrong, but about creating the circumstances so clients are willing to hear and see another perspective from one that may be limiting them.

Preventing Objections

When is the right time to deal with ...

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