Chapter 19

Ten Questions to Keep a Business on Track

In This Chapter

arrow Getting on the right track to begin with

arrow Acknowledging when a business is off-track

arrow Making course adjustments to get back on track

Keeping a business on track involves more than checking financial accounts, having regular progress meetings and measuring to see whether targets or objectives set have actually been achieved. Yet as a coach, these are always the first places to begin when coaching a business to keep on track.

We are always shocked by how many businesses fail to have these fundamental measures in place. They’re the low-hanging fruit (the easy, early successes) for coaches to pick. Reviewing finances, assessing the way a business conducts meetings and evaluating how it measures its performance are always good places to review before doing any coaching. These areas often show if a business is on or off track and reveal the reasons why. Many businesses, especially small to medium enterprises, fail to have these measures in the first instance, so you must coach clients to have these in place if they don’t already have them.

In this chapter, we offer ten powerful questions that go beyond financials, meetings ...

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