6.2 Planning Business Recovery Activities 185
Chapter 6
ness process throughout the BRP. Where this approach is preferred, it is rec-
ommended the chief executive officer (or another member of top
management) undertake the leadership role for this period. This section of
the BCP contains a proposed handover form to be completed and signed by
the BRT leader and the regular manager responsible for each process. A sep-
arate form is to be used for each business process.
6.1.9 Preparing Business Recovery Phase Report
Upon completion of the business recovery phase, the BRT leader should
prepare a report on the activities undertaken. The report should contain
information on the disruptive event, who was notified and when, action
taken by members of the BRT, and the outcomes arising from those
actions. The report should also contain an assessment of the impact on nor-
mal business operations. The report should be distributed to senior man-
agement as appropriate. This section of the BCP should contain a suggested
format for such a report.
6.2 Planning Business Recovery Activities
The efficiency and effectiveness of the procedures in the BCP have a direct
bearing on the organizations ability to survive an emergency. While there is
no plan that can account for all possible contingencies, most plans can
account for a majority of possibilities. These possibilities should include, at
a minimum, the areas shown in Figure 6.1.
Figure 6.1
Common areas of
consideration for
BCP purposes.
Human resources
Corporate proprietary information and documentation
IT systems (hardware and software)
Office supplies
Operations and administration (support services)
Power and other utilities
Premises, fixtures and furniture (facilities recovery management)
Production equipment
Trading, sales and customer service
Warehouse and stock
186 6.2 Planning Business Recovery Activities
6.2.1 Communication Systems
If communications equipment has been damaged during the emergency, it
will need to be repaired or replaced. This category of procedures excludes
the production equipment and IT equipment, which have dedicated proce-
dures for those restoring specialized services. It includes all other equipment
owned or used by the organization. The linked procedure is given as a
guideline that must be carefully reviewed and amended by the organization
to ensure that it fully meets the organizations own requirements. In many
cases, the services or support of outside specialists may be required to carry
out the activity. Amend the predefined items within the plan template, as
6.2.2 Human Resources
During a particularly serious incident, it is necessary to take special care of
the employees, as they may have been subjected to unusual and distressing
circumstances. The recovery teams may also need to remain near the recov-
ery site for long periods, and may require temporary accommodation. This
category of the procedures covers the Human Resources Management
(HRM) considerations following a particularly disruptive incident. Amend
the predefined items within the plan template, as appropriate.
6.2.3 Corporate Proprietary Information
and Documentation
Information and documentation is the lifeblood of most organizations. It is
therefore important to ascertain whether any damage has occurred to this
data. If the damage to computerized or other information is widespread, it
is recommended to concentrate initially on essential and vital records. As a
matter of good practice, wherever possible, vital records should be dupli-
cated and stored in an offsite location so permanent loss will not be a realis-
tic problem. Amend the predefined items within the plan template, as
6.2.4 IT Systems (Hardware and Software)
If IT systems equipment has been damaged during the emergency, it will
need to be repaired or replaced. This section of the BCP excludes produc-
tion equipment and telecommunications equipment, both of which are
specialized services with dedicated procedures for restoration. It does, how-

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