Discovering How Business Continuity Works

When you have a handle on the aspects that we describe in the earlier section ‘Revealing the Key Terms and Concepts’, your BC journey is well underway. You can now go ahead and start identifying your crucial areas and appraising your risks – Chapters 4 and 5 show you how.

You also have the information to start thinking about practical aspects such as the resilience of your supply chain, creating your plans and testing them, and getting in people to help out.

Considering your supply chain

Looking into how the various elements of your supply chain can affect your identified critical activities is a vital part of the BC process.

Your supply chain is indeed a chain of supply, usually beginning with the acquisition of raw materials or components and extending through to the delivery of products or services to the customer. This chain can include suppliers, manufacturing plants, logistics providers, distributors, wholesalers and many others.

remember.eps Within your supply chain are a number of processes and focusing closely on them allows you to identify any single points of failure that exist. As the name indicates, these points are those in your processes that if lost or disrupted lead to the failure of the activity.

When you’re aware of your single points of potential failure, you can do something about them. We break down this process by using the key ...

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