Revealing the Key Terms and Concepts

Just like anything else – well, anything of use! – BC involves the use of some specific and helpful terms. However, one of the many good things about BC is that you need to get to grips with only a few terms, and when you know and understand them, the whole concept becomes much clearer.

We touch upon most of these terms in the preceding section, but now we take a closer look at the terms that you encounter in the world of BC, and so get you ahead of the game. All the terms and concepts that we discuss in this section have one thing in common: they’re about understanding your business.

remember.eps As we take you through BC’s key terms and concepts, keep in mind that these apply only to the most important aspects of your business: your key products and services, as we discuss in the next section.

Protecting your key products and services

Business continuity is about stopping problems occurring, keeping things going when they do arise and recovering afterwards. Although the idea sounds quite simple when expressed like that, you soon realise that to do this for your entire business and everything in it would be unwieldy, complicated and near-impossible to achieve without something going wrong.

To avoid this situation happening, in BC you need to focus only on your key products and services: the important things that your business produces or delivers. We’re ...

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