Making Business Sense

Business continuity makes good business sense for any size of organisation operating in any sector. Of course, the main purpose is to keep your business running when disaster strikes or disruption hits and to bounce back, but BC features much more good stuff besides.

Small- and medium-sized businesses build up over time, growing gradually and carefully and not necessarily following a grand plan that the business owner lays out from the start. As a result of this common situation – and generally because of the lack of hours in the working day – you seldom (if ever) have time to pause, take stock and get to understand what your business has become, and what really matters.

You can therefore have difficulty understanding properly the risks that your business faces. In addition, addressing the risks that threaten your business’s critical activities – the ones that are vital to your business continuing – becomes almost impossible (check out Chapter 4 for all about identifying your critical activities).

Business continuity provides you with a logical and simple system to uncover those aspects without wasting that precious commodity of time on irrelevant things and without spending a lot of that other precious commodity: money.

remember.eps A central theme of BC is that you don’t do anything that isn’t necessary. In addition, you receive some immediate benefits as well as, in ...

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