Whatever role you play in your company, finding out more about business development gives you a broader perspective on how to make the firm grow. The purpose of business development is to drive growth, or whatever form of expansion is important to you right now.

Absolutely everybody in the company can make a contribution to growth, and this book not only gives you a grounding in business development – it also shows how people in different areas of the business can do their bit. As the saying goes, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

People commonly move into business development from other parts of the company, and leaders often have to manage business development and all its component parts. This book helps you do that.

The book is intended for small to medium-sized companies that offer services to other businesses – so-called business-to-business (B2B). Such firms are as diverse as lawyers and architects, corporate event planners or video specialists, technology implementers, branding and marketing companies. I keep the content general enough to be applicable to a wide range of people and organizations. Product companies will also find this book useful, along with anyone who wants to be expert in business development.

About This Book

After 20 years working in business development, you’d expect that I’ve learned a thing or two. One fact I discovered is that people are confused about what business development is. In this book I set out to dispel that ...

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