Chapter 4

Using the Lifecycle to Your Advantage

In This Chapter

arrow Knowing what you’re selling

arrow Getting pre-sales right

arrow Working on after-sales

If I say to you ‘the customer is king’, what’s your reaction? You think worrying about the customer is all very well, but you want your moment in the spotlight? Well, here’s your chance, because whereas Chapter 3 talks about the customer’s perspective, in this one I look at the customer experience from your point of view.

I want you to look in detail at your business and ask whether you think that your experience of working with customers is enriching or sometimes a disaster. I cover how to align your business development with that customer experience, helping you to grasp the stages of business development as they relate to the customer’s mindset, concerns and goals at every stage. Examining your business in this way allows you to develop a customer-centric approach to its full potential.

I have complete faith that, after you and the customer shake hands on the deal and the contract is in negotiation or about to be signed, you know what you’re getting into and the work’s going to go well.

Check out Figure 2-1, which represents the customer ...

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