Chapter 7

Putting Your Plan into Action

In This Chapter

arrow Preparing for a successful launch

arrow Lifting off your business development plan

arrow Anticipating threats to your plan

Building something is satisfying (such as the business development plan you construct in Chapter 6), but you don’t then want to leave it on the shelf gathering dust; where’s the fun in that? No, like a child who’s built a model airplane, you can’t wait to race down to the local park and see it in action. But you need to prepare for that flight – so that the plane doesn’t crash the first time out and spend the rest of its life dangling sadly from a high treetop. This chapter guides you through a successful launch of your plan.

Growing your business involves change: more customers, more staff, more revenue, higher levels of investment, more risk and tighter cash flow. Therefore, you need to change the plan from Chapter 6 as you experience each new challenge. Here I help you roll out your first (fairly simple) plan, guiding you through the key steps: carrying out initial activities concerned with communication and setup, and then some regular, reliable and measurable tasks for taking care of business development over ...

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