Chapter 10

Creating Your Marketing Plan

In This Chapter

arrow Deciding on your marketing priorities and tactics

arrow Developing and implementing your marketing plan

arrow Allocating the necessary funds

This chapter follows on from Chapter 9 and helps you to create your own marketing plan. You need to align your marketing plan with your business goals, so that the tactics you choose as part of your plan directly impact your results and help you fulfill your overall goals.

I show you how to translate those business goals into a marketing priority and a plan, consisting of practical marketing tactics (programs and their associated campaigns), which you can activate with the right people and financial resources.

tip.eps If engaging in marketing feels like reaching for the moon, think of it more like getting into orbit. Chapter 9 discusses how modern marketing works, so unless you’re already familiar with this area I suggest that you read that chapter before this one.

Preparing To Market Your Business

Often, marketing teams undertake activities because they seemed like a good idea at the time. Although nothing’s ...

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