Activation function, 45

ADM. See Architecture Development Method

Agency costs, 64

American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC), 14

Analytics 1.0, 34

Analytics 2.0, 34–35

Analytics 3.0, 35–37

Analytics-based business logic, 2

APQC. See American Productivity & Quality Center

Architecture and business process patterns, 98–128

Architecture and process patterns, 69–70

Architecture Development Method (ADM), 15

Assignment Optimization Models, 49–51

Assignment problem, 49

Association, 56

Balanced Scorecard (BSC), 19

BAPPs. See Business Architecture and Process Patterns

Best product, 18

BI. See Business Intelligence

BPMN. See Business process management notation

BPs. See Business patterns

BSC. See Balanced Scorecard Business and process intelligence, ...

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