Wiley & SAS Business Series

The Wiley & SAS Business Series presents books that help senior-level managers with their critical management decisions.

Titles in the Wiley & SAS Business Series include:

  1. Agile by Design: An Implementation Guide to Analytic Lifecycle Management by Rachel Alt-Simmons
  2. Analytics in a Big Data World: The Essential Guide to Data Science and Its Applications by Bart Baesens
  3. Bank Fraud: Using Technology to Combat Losses by Revathi Subramanian
  4. Big Data Analytics: Turning Big Data into Big Money by Frank Ohlhorst
  5. Big Data, Big Innovation: Enabling Competitive Differentiation through Business Analytics by Evan Stubbs
  6. Business Analytics for Customer Intelligence by Gert Laursen
  7. Business Forecasting: Practical Problems and Solutions edited by Michael Gilliland, Len Tashman, and Udo Sglavo
  8. The Business Forecasting Deal: Exposing Myths, Eliminating Bad Practices, Providing Practical Solutions by Michael Gilliland
  9. Business Intelligence Applied: Implementing an Effective Information and Communications Technology Infrastructure by Michael Gendron
  10. Business Intelligence and the Cloud: Strategic Implementation Guide by Michael S. Gendron
  11. Business Transformation: A Roadmap for Maximizing Organizational Insights by Aiman Zeid
  12. Connecting Organizational Silos: Taking Knowledge Flow Management to the Next Level with Social Media by Frank Leistner
  13. Data-Driven Healthcare: How Analytics and BI Are Transforming the Industry by Laura Madsen
  14. Delivering Business Analytics: Practical ...

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