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Does this sound like you? Your organization has low retention or dismal conversion rates. Your customer communities are ghost towns. Your loyalty program is stagnant. Sometimes, it feels like customers have forgotten about your brand altogether.

Or maybe one of these problems is more familiar: Your employee onboarding process is slow as molasses. Your people don’t collaborate. You have an employee churn rate higher than Mt. McKinley. Folks just don’t perform — a problem that isn’t helped by the fact that your expectations of employees have increased over time, and the systems you expect your employees to use have become more complicated.

The truth is, all these problems stem from a single cause: lack of engagement. In fact, lack of engagement — whether among customers or employees — can really do a number on your organization. On the customer side, customers who aren’t engaged tend toward disloyalty; with ample choice, they fraternize with your competitors as much as (or more than) they do with you. And on the employee side, folks just don’t perform.

Wouldn’t it be the bee’s knees if you could find some way to engage these people so they start performing the behaviors you want them to perform? Well, we have good news for you. You can. With gamification.

Gamification enables you to drive, measure, and reward high-value behaviors, whether by customers or employees. Game mechanics leverage design and behavioral psychology ...

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