Chapter 7

Freeze Frame: Understanding Gamification Frameworks

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying the six gamification frameworks

arrow Grasping the basics of each gamification framework

arrow Determining which gamification framework is right for your business

After much thought, you’ve decided you want to gamify some aspect of your business to achieve a specific result. Maybe you want to use gamification to increase customer engagement. Or perhaps your goal in gamifying your business is to encourage collaboration among employees.

Your next step is to determine just how to implement gamification. To aid in this, we’ve identified various gamification frameworks. These frameworks provide a path for getting up and running with a gamification program and help accelerate the aim of the program targeted to achieve a specific goal.

Each of these frameworks responds to a specific business objective, using specific mechanics to help drive the behaviors that pertain to that objective.

Think of frameworks as being like blueprints for building a house. You could try to build a house out of a pile of lumber and supplies, but a blueprint makes the job much easier. The advantage of the blueprint is that it is written ...

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