Chapter 10

Choosing a Gamification Provider

In This Chapter

arrow The pros and cons of buying versus building

arrow Exploring gamification providers

arrow Accessing open-source resources

Now that you understand what gamification can do for your organization and have a basic idea what type of program and framework would be best suited for your business objectives, you’re (hopefully) thinking, “Where do I sign up?”

Hold up. Before you can begin the process of implementing a gamification program, you have to make a few key decisions. First, you need to decide whether to build a system from the ground up using whoever you have on hand in-house — or to partner with a gamification provider. If you opt for the latter, you’ll need to get an idea of what providers are out there. This chapter is here to help you get started.

Decisions, Decisions: Deciding Whether to Build or Buy

To be or not to be — yeah, that’s one question. Here’s another one: Build or buy? That is, should you attempt to build your gamification program in house from the ground up? Or should you buy a gamification system from a company that specializes in that sort of thing?

Disclosure alert: One of the authors of this book is the CEO of ...

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