Chapter 11

Key Expertise for Your Gamification Team

In This Chapter

arrow Recognizing key stakeholders

arrow Identifying business champions

arrow Assembling your nerds and creative types

arrow Noting a few nice-to-haves

Regardless of whether you opt to build your gamification system from the ground up or partner with a gamification provider to design and implement your program, you’ll want to assemble a top-notch team to see it through. But who, exactly, are the peeps who should comprise that team?

To help you answer that question, this chapter outlines the key people you need to have on board to get your program off the ground and running.

remember.eps Some team members might be internal — that is, employees in your organization. Others could be external — for example, consultants from a gamification provider or other third party.

Recognizing Key Stakeholders

A successful gamification team is composed of key stakeholders (note the plural here — it’s never just one person) who

Understand the business objectives.

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