Chapter 15

Ten Additional Gamification Resources

In This Chapter

arrow Books about games, gamification, and reputation systems

arrow Volumes about human behavior

Can’t get enough of this discussion? Neither can we. That’s why this chapter lists ten additional books for you to expand your knowledge.

Some of these books relate primarily to gamification and related topics, such as reputation systems; others take on the larger topics of motivation, persuasion, change, habits, and human behavior.

If you’re ready to expand your knowledge in these fascinating areas, get reading!

“Building Web Reputation Systems” by Randy Farmer and Bryce Glass

Interested in learning more about reputation systems? Then Building Web Reputation Systems (O’Reilly, 2010) is for you. Written by experts who designed Web communities for Yahoo! and other sites, it shows you how to design and develop a reputation system for your own site or application in the vein of the systems found on such sites as, eBay, Slashdot, and Xbox Live.

You’ll discover why reputation systems are critical to sites that depend on users for content, how to encourage first-class contributions, how to filter less-than-stellar contributions, and how best to engage and reward contributors.

“Persuasive Technology” by B. J. Fogg

Don’t think ...

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